North America Farming Tours


North America is a biologically diverse continent with unique agro-climatic regimes, spectacular ecosystems, majestic forests and impressive wildlife. The three major country – Canada with vast bio-logically diverse, United States full of energy, technology, science and in bottom beautiful scenic Mexico.

USA with over 2.2 million farms and Corn, soybeans, wheat and other grains, tobacco, cotton, cattle, hogs, dairy, poultry and eggs are the major commodities produced on American farms.

Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world with wide range; grains and oil seeds account on a cash basis for 1/3 of production, 1/4 by red meat livestock, dairy 1/8 and horticulture and poultry eggs each about 1/10.

Plan your next travel should be USA, Canada and Mexico  enjoy culture history wildlife farming, multi cuisine, beautiful beaches and cruises.

Visit North America on unforgettable farm and culture experience !!