Asia Agriculture Tours

India – Nepal – Sri Lanka – Japan – Vietnam – Thailand

Asia the largest continent on planet earth and also by far the most populous continent with over 4 billion people. Asia is a continent with great linguistic diversity, and is home to various language families and many language isolates. Some big giants in Asia continent which has so much to showcase and share to world are India, Russia, Japan, Korea, Thailand Indonesia and many many more.

Asian agriculture is by far more intensive than any other continent. Rice and Cereals are the major crop in Asian Counties. 90% world rice is produced in Asia. Wheat Barley Soybean are other main grain crop produced in large quantity across Asia specially India. Asia is also leading Sugar and Dairy producers and experts of the world with India being one of the biggest producers and consumer.

Plan a tour to Asia with Uday Tours. Go in search tiger and culture experience in India, meet and interact with farmers of Japan around Iconic Mount Fuji, visit and meet leading industries and manufacturers in Korea or visit to Russian Food federation and experience the iconic moscow and st. Petersburg.

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